Отзывы о Laserwar CRM
Dmitry Solodov President of the regional organization “Sports laser tag”

As someone who constantly deals with the peculiarities of work of laser tag clubs throughout Russia, I took part in testing the LASERWAR CRM system. I can safely recommend this product to all owners of rental clubs, regardless of specialization - laser tag, airsoft, paintball. Every day owners of the clubs have to solve a lot of small tasks, and often keep everything in their heads. Sometimes useful contacts are lost, assignments are forgotten, opportunities are missed. CRM solves all these problems. If you start using CRM it will become much easier for you to conduct business and control your employees. And, of course, CRM is a completely different and more professional level of interaction with customers. In a word: automation.

Alexander Yanchenko The head of the military sports club "Strelok"

We provide services for conducting laser tag and airsoft games and have several playgrounds. CRM-system has become our best assistant. You can completely customize the system for a specific club, it is very convenient. Rename game types, create custom options, load existing customer bases, disable unnecessary features. CRM is easy to understand - the whole interface is intuitive. Reports are weel done and easy to customize. When we hold meetings with instructors, we always discuss all the indicators and analyze what can be improved. In general, we have more order in the work of our club, this is a huge plus.

Отзывы о Laserwar CRM
Отзывы о Laserwar CRM
Gennady Dekhtyar LASERWAR dealer in the USA

Our company is the supplier and saler of equipment for indoor and outdoor laser tag in the United States. Our clients are rental clubs and playgrounds in entertainment centers. Their owners were very pleased with the emergence of a new specialized CRM-system available in English. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and the prices are adequate. You don't have to pay extra and the system works equally stable on computers, smartphones and tablets. This makes you more mobile and allows to solve all work issues quickly.

Maxim Orehov The head of the club LASERWAR67

We have been using the CRM-system for four months and can no longer remember how we managed without it. I will give one example. We used to use the Google calendar for game planning. We were often confused, once I almost forgot about a planned event. There was a lack of notifications system and a understandable schedule of events. In the CRM all this is made convenient. I liked the online schedule feature as well as the warehouse. It shows how many free sets you have, which of them need repair, and so on. It is very convenient to navigate in all processes. We will continue to use the system.

Отзывы о Laserwar CRM

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