Outdoor laser tag

LASERWAR manufactures and sells laser tag equipment for any needs of the entertainment industry.

The most modern developments in the field of electronics are used in the manufacture of laser tag equipment.

The range of products has 76 models of weapons, including real combat prototypes, games sets based on strikeball and pneumatic models, 17 additional devices and 19 items of special equipment, rifles for laser biathlon, electronics and electronic components for assembly and repair, inflatable figures for arrangement of a laser tag playground and souvenirs with the company's logo.

LASERWAR has launched a series of its own laser tag models: Predator, Phoenix, Hornet, Terminator, Hunter. These taggers have proven their effectiveness in rental and today are the benchmark for laser tag players and club owners around the globe.

Advantages of outdoor laser tag LASERWAR off-the-shelf laser tag products:

- quality Pro Signal and VECO speakers,

- Winstar OLED displays,

- reliable and safe lithium batteries,

- realistic Feedback system,

- unique wireless sensors of own production - SMART RGB-headbands and vests,

- convenient chargers of own production Firefly and Spider, which can be used to charge several sets at once,

- high level of authenticity of the game sets.

LASERWAR laser tag equipment is available for purchase in the online shop.

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