Don't lose  money

Don't lose money

Experienced rental club owners know that it is easy to lose sight of an unpaid order and lose money in a daily series of small tasks. This can happen to you too, if you're still doing business manually. We all make mistakes, but a little miscalculation in business can cost you dearly.

LASERWAR CRM users do not have such issues.

That's because the order process in our system is automated. You are always aware of the order status - at work, prepaid, completed, etc.

If the client hasn't paid for the order, and the game has already ended, the order won't be lost anywhere and will still be "Not paid". You won't miss a thing, which means you won't be in loss.

Paid orders are automatically transferred to the paid and completed category and do not distract the user's attention.

Transparent, thoughtful, convenientl - as always in LASERWAR CRM!