Everybody   loves discounts

Everybody loves discounts

Regular customers are the best friends for any business. These are the ones who choose your rental club time after time for themselves and recommend the club to their friends. That's why regular customers need to be valued.

To encourage and stimulate your players, LASERWAR CRM has three types of loyalty programs. You can choose which parameter to use to calculate the player's discount. Total application cost. The amount of discount depends on the total cost of orders paid by the client for the whole time.

Number of applications. The discount percentage is calculated depending on the number of requests made by the client.

Number of players. The bonus is calculated depending on the number of players in all client requests.

Please note: the loyalty program discount is valid, if you have not manually set a personal discount for the client. The discount percentage within the loyalty program is recalculated when saving a request from a specific player and when changing the loyalty program parameters.

As a result, we get a customer-oriented system not in words, but in reality. The guests of the club will appreciate this approach and thank you with giving a positive feedback.